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Yayo 04:08
Champion? 02:51
Johnny Moody 03:15
Milk Source 04:38
Poppies 04:16


30 is a compilation featuring rare archival and early vinyl-only releases, previously unreleased recordings and previews of upcoming releases. Back in 1985, Accretions was originally conceived of as an arts & culture magazine and the tracks by Guam Caucus were produced for a flexidisc planned for insertion in the ill-fated publication. The first two tracks appeared on the never-to-be-heard flexidisc and the third was an outtake from that session. Soon after, Burning Bridges released their debut single and a follow-up flexidisc, both rereleased here for the first time in digital format. Representing the sophomore years of Accretions are Barefoot Hockey Goalie and Go Van Gogh who kindly contributed tracks from their later opuses. Enduring associates Marcos Fernandes, Hans Fjellestad, Damon Holzborn and Eric Glick Rieman unveil recent explorations while Ryan Choi and Penelope offer glimpses of Accretions not too distant future.

1~3. Guam Caucus: Kevin Rusk - guitars, David Gould - drums, percussion with Marcos Fernandes - bass, John Robinson - clarinet
Recorded and mixed at Hit Single by Rick Bohlman in 1985. Produced by Marcos Fernandes. Previously unreleased.

4~5. Burning Bridges: Andrew Vereen - vocals, guitar, piano, Matthew Pray - bass, vocals, Robert Montoya - percussion, Marcos Fernandes - drums, vocals with Bruce Maynes - sampler, Randy Bidinger - accordion, Cynthia Vereen - vocals
From the single "Brand New Vision/Seaside Holidays" recorded at Hit Single by Rick Bohlman and released in 1986. Brand New Vision produced by Larry Carter. Seaside Holidays produced by Burning Bridges.

6. Burning Bridges with Mike Keneally - organ and friends. From the flexidisc "Yayo." Recorded at Hit Single by Rick Bohlman. Produced by Burning Bridges.
Released as a flexidisc in 1986.

7. Barefoot Hockey Goalie: Blair Hatch - vocals, Tony Acquerelli - guitar, vocals, Matthew Pray - bass, Marcos Fernand
From Kid Champion recorded at Hit Single by Randy Fuelle and self-released in 2004.

8. Go Van Gogh: Connie Walkershaw - saxes, Jesse Walkershaw - bass, Brad Bechtel - lap steel, Dave Humbird - trap drums, Chuck Kapelke - percussion, Mark Deggler - guitar
From Dance Pressure, released August 2003. Composed by Connie and Jesse Walkershaw. Self-released in 2003.

9. Eric Glick Rieman - piano
This piece is a traditionally notated piece for solo piano (part of the "Milk" series of pieces). Recorded at Omar's studio in Taos, New Mexico in 2005. Engineered by Jeff Karsin and Omar Rane. Produced by Eric Glick Rieman. Previously unreleased.

10. Music by Hans Fjellestad, vocals by Haco, words by Erin Wilson. Recorded at Master Q Studios in Tijuana, Mexico in 2006. Previously unreleased.

11. Marron - guitar, Marcos Fernandes - phonography
Recorded and mixed by Yoko Muto. Previously unreleased.

12~14. Damon Holzborn - excerpts from Character Weekend 01 - 03. Self-released in 2013.

15. Ryan Choi - prepared baritone ukulele
Recorded and engineered by Ryan Choi. Mastered by Scott Hull.

16. Penelope: Daigo Wakasugi - drums, percussion, Naoya Murata - turntable, Yuma Takeshita - electro-bass, Chu - voice
From 50’51 (Accretions 2015).


released October 4, 2015


all rights reserved




An artist-based independent label with an ear towards improvised and experimental sounds.
We are celebrating our 35th anniversary this year with many new releases including a 12" compilation LP.
Thanks for listening!

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